Friday the 13th…


I’m trying really hard not to complain this morning.  Of course, it’s Friday the 13th – a day when it’s easy to look for snow low lying black clouds.  Inevitably the first snow of the year brought with it a whole bunch of nervous drivers. Honestly, I have an endless supply of patience for those who exercise extreme caution – even if that means driving 5mph in a 65 mph zone.  Errr…that patience tends to ebb when individuals are simply ill prepared for the weather conditions.  In Western New York snow tires aren’t really optional.  Fishtailing across three lanes of traffic is a hazard to everyone.  Same goes for brushing off your front and rear windshields (mirrors, too) before getting on the road. If you can’t see out other drivers are going to be afraid of you and for you.

Today was the start of midterms for my fourth grader, which meant staying home was not an option.  We live further away than most of his classmates so our normal commute of 23 minutes turned into almost an hour. That kicked my son’s nerves into high gear.  Bad roads.  Big exams. Possible late arrival.  My solution?  Singing mellow (cheesy) songs from the 70’s on our extended commute.  At least it gave my kids something to complain about other than the poor road conditions.

Now I’m sitting at my computer trying to decide whether I should wash my floors or focus on my work-in-progess.  It’s really a toss up.  I have my plumber tearing out the shower in my master bathroom so noise is a factor. Hard to concentrate on writing but washing floors that he has to haul debris across might be counter productive. Perhaps I’ll turn on HGTV and have a second cup of coffee.  Maybe then I’ll come up with a game plan for the day….


4 thoughts on “Friday the 13th…

  1. TERESITa , did this morning’s medley of yesterday’s favorites happen to include aanything from ” DAVID GATES and Bread ” ? Or, perhaps it was a JIM CROCE kind of a morning ? Do tell ….

    • Hmm…I believe we had David Patridge’s “I Think I Love You”, Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”, along with “Don’t Rock the Boat”.

      It was quite a morning….


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