Not again…


Grrr…for the second week in a row I fell asleep during the final fifteen minutes of Castle. Even though I record the series it makes me sad not to see the whole show at once. This week I removed my fuzzy blanket and down pillow from the couch before the show even started.  Clearly I’m aging at an accelerated pace.  The kicker is by the time I stumbled to my bedroom my brain re-engaged.  Hence, I tossed and turned until well after 1:00 am. (Unfortunately this included a midnight snack of Cracklin Oat Bran cereal – which sounds much healthier than it actually is).  Tonight I have a pre-pre-pre First Communion Prep meeting for my younger son.  It’s slated to run two hours which means I may very well be napping again.  I’m kidding. Just a little.

I’m super, wicked, oh so close to finishing my work in progress.  Yes, I say this frequently but this time I’m serious. Keep in mind that the last chapter is always the most difficult for me.  That’s probably not normal. But at least I’m consistent. My critique partners have tried to help me plot more up front….I’m just a really slow student.

And finally, for those keeping track it’s day three of my shower renovation. One of the workmen made the mistake of asking me where I wanted the soap/shampoo thing-a-majiggy to go.  My response – wherever it fits. I’m not sure if he was mystified or amused by my lack of preference. From this point forward I’m hiding downstairs.  They’re the professionals. They can make the tough decisions 🙂


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