It was a dark, stormy night…

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Every time a bit of bad weather rolls in, I find I’m forced to leave the comfort of my home in order to meet an appointment or obligation.  Last night a high wind advisory blew in (sorry, couldn’t resist).  Sure enough I had a two hour mandatory meeting that I had to attend 25 minutes away.  What began as a bit of wind when my meeting started turned nasty by 9pm.  My ride home was a veritable obstacle course – swerving to avoid tree limbs, garbage cans, and a chunk of vinyl fence (almost got clocked by a flying post). My kids were not amused when I told them there was nothing to worry about – my skills were on par with an Indy car driver.  With wind gusts in the 60 mph range the ride was more adventure than I was looking for on a Tuesday night. Not that I’d share that with them.

This morning when I woke up my shoulders were aching.  It took a minute to realize that it was a result of gripping the steering wheel so hard the previous night. Fortunately it was my volunteer day in the school library, which is the best form of relaxation I know. After I finished up there I treated myself to an hour of writing in the public library. It was crazy crowded with people camped out in front of the beautiful flagstone fireplace that graces the middle of the great room. Ah, the only thing missing was a cup of hot tea.


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