Another Monday…


Today I awoke with a sty in my eye

Can’t even cry because it stings when I try

The Patriots won but I couldn’t cheer

The Ravens’ Cundiff rushed the final kick, I fear

Horrible to lose a game that way

Impossible to watch that darn replay

This morning I need to clean every room

Contractor dust means I’ll need more than a broom

I might need to wear some sort of shades

Unless the pain in my eye suddenly fades

My brain is quite fuzzy, hence this weird little rhyme

Perhaps a nap would be the best use of my time…


2 thoughts on “Another Monday…

  1. TERRy, you’re in good company. Did you happen to see today’s picture of the senior Senator from the Commonwealth of MA., John F. Kerry ? Two black eyes and a swollen nose … from an injury suffered in a hockey game !?!? A 68 y.o. man gets hurt playing hockey ? Call me crazy but, my guess is that J.F.K. (who served in VietNam, BTW ) had a NOSE job ! What say you ?

    • That’s so strange…I saw his picture on the front of a Boston paper and wondered what had happened. Hockey at 68 yrs. old — really?????


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