When I’m feeling under the weather…

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Day three or four of my head cold.  My brain cells are too congested to remember just how long I’ve been sporting a nose Rudolph would be proud of.  Today I’m falling into all my ‘sick’ day habits:

  • I hit the supermarket and stocked up on Flinstone Gummies. I’m not normally a consumer of vitamins but for some reason I always grab a bottle of these when I’m run down.
  • I pretend to love the taste of orange juice.  Most days it would be the last drink I would pour a glass of, but this week it’s my bff.
  • I’m snacking on everything.  I take the adage “feed a cold” to heart. I’d share with you what I’ve already eaten today but it might give you an upset stomach.
  • I’m watching HGTV when I need to be preparing for a volunteer program I’m helping with this afternoon. I plan on dousing myself with Lysol and hand sanitizer in an effort to keep those around me healthy.  Oh…maybe I’ll skip the Lysol.  I seem to remember a lot of strange looks last time I did that 🙂
  • I’m downloading as many books on my Amazon wish list as I can before my husband realizes it. To be honest he tends to do the same thing…but his Kindle choices are muy boring. Sad but true.
  • I’m thinking of pulling my hair back into a ponytail instead of washing it.  I know…ick, right?  But it’s sort of clean.  Not smelly (my nose is blocked but I’m confident about this).  My own kids are probably the only ones who will know the truth.  Ugh.  I might have to revisit this one before I actually leave the house.

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