A little bit of heaven…


Last Friday was set up day for the annual book fair at my children’s school.  It took almost seven hours to organize and decorate the room where it is being held. Even though our school isn’t particularly large, we run one of the larger Scholastic book fairs.  (According to the delivery representative most schools have 5 cases and we have 8 or 9 depending on the year).  Honestly it’s more exciting than opening presents on Christmas Day. Sifting through dozens and dozens of boxes trying to find the perfect spot to showcase the books is flat out fun! Yesterday we brought our boys through and let them pick out what they wanted. Later in the week they will go with their classmates — which is what they really look forward to.  Money in their pocket, without having mom and dad micromanaging their shopping spree.  (I didn’t have the heart to tell them I’ll be working at the fair Tuesday through Thursday. I’ll pretend that I don’t see the whacky erasers and silly chocolate calculators they inevitably want).

I’m hoping I can grab a few hours here and there for writing.  I am so close to finishing my rough draft…sooo close!

What are you looking forward to this week?


4 thoughts on “A little bit of heaven…

  1. If you must know …. Arbor Mist Strawberry, a couple of Rocky Patel chokers, and a # 10 up @ Tahiti’s ! Is that too much to ask ?

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