Monday ‘Mourning’…


Hmmm…last night’s game was an interesting one. Close to the very end.  Good for television ratings. Not so nice for those hoping that the Patriots would pull off a miracle. Today I’m dressed in black — officially mourning the end of the football season. Of course, I’m also wearing black because it’s a slimming color.  At casa de Oberlies we gain more weight on Super Bowl Sunday than we do over the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season. Every member of my household picks out the foods they want to snack on.  It ends up being an extremely strange mix (garlic mashed potatoes, roasted potato wedges, spinach tomato pizza, mac and cheese, buffalo chicken calzones, apple pie, mint chocolate chip ice cream, even roasted brussel sprouts). The only saving grace is that my scale is officially M.I.A. Last month when I had a new shower installed I cleared out the master bathroom.  Now I’m not sure where I placed it. I’m floating the theory that my husband tossed it in the garbage can.  He thinks I spend too much time staring at the numbers like I have the power to change them with some heavy duty wishful thinking.

This week I need to whip myself back into shape, both physically and mentally.  Last week was all about crazy. I’m not sure how it works in other schools, but the Scholastic Book Fair here is a week long party.  Fortunately we did really well….really well. This means our school library will be able to purchase a whole bunch of fabulous new books. (Psst…my husband and I picked out almost as many books as our boys.)  My favorite find:

Although this book is targeted toward students, I think it’s a great tool for anyone.  The author is a perfect grammar guide. I put it on my bookshelf right next to my copy of The Chicago Manual of Style. Some of my other favorite acquisitions: Taste of Home: Kid Approved Cookbook, The Fast and the Furriest (I couldn’t resist the adorable beagle on the cover), oh and a squishy orange pen for my office.

Well, I’m off to nibble on some carrot sticks. Sad… but I must suffer for my sins of yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Monday ‘Mourning’…

  1. Cold piece of grilled chicken, country vegetable soup. Even threw some black olives in the soup ! Can’t fool me TERRY, you’re wishing you came home to the Hill to watch the game, aren’t you ?

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