February 14th…

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Confession #58 – I’ve never been a mushy, gushy Valentine’s Day kind of gal.  That’s probably a criminal breach of conduct but it’s the truth. I love candy. I love chocolate. And I’m okay with the colors red and pink. But when you put them all together and smack a Hallmark card on top I kind of stop chugging the Kool Aid.  Don’t get me wrong.  I adore February 14th but only because it’s the birthday of both my husband and my eldest niece. I beg (seriously beg) my husband not to buy me roses each year.  If he wants to sneak a jumbo Snickers bar under my pillow, so be it. I’ll happily embrace every gram of saturated fat it contains.  (Note to spouse: Snickers are welcome, indeed encouraged, any day of the year). Whew…it’s a relief to share my shortcomings here with y’all.

Hope you have a terrific Tuesday…and a blah blah blah Valentine’s Day 🙂


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