Hiding out in my office…

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Shhhh…we’re going away for a few days and I’m supposed to be packing right now. Instead I piled everything into stacks on my bed and snuck into my office. I’m a lousy packer. Things always get squished. It depresses me. So my strategy is to wait until my husband realizes it’s not done, which usually means he’ll take over the task. It’s better that way. He excels at it.  Stick with your strengths.

I had another gift under my pillow last night. It wasn’t another box of Snickers, so don’t get excited like I did. Actually I didn’t know what the heck the present was even after I opened it. (Hmmm…I’m still a bit of a technophobe.) For the last week I’d been having considerable trouble with my wireless mouse.  So, my husband surprised me with a Magic Trackpad from Apple.

I think I’m going to love it. Right now I’m in the retraining my brain mode – which at my age is tricky. It’s slick, though. Although I’d love to tool around with it all morning I need to get the kids out of bed. If we’re not ready to leave my husband might decide to take this mini-vacation without us 🙂


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