And the lights all went out….


Anyone remember that old song by the Bee Gee’s, And the Lights All Went Out in Massachusetts? For whatever reason that song always puts a smile on my face. Yes, it’s my home state. Yes, I have the Bee Gee’s on my iPod (don’t smirk, I’m sure some of you have the same songs downloaded). Anyway this morning we had a blackout that knocked out power to several local towns. It made me think of the song…so of course I was smiling in the dark. Then my children woke up.  And they were not smiling. It seems not everyone enjoys blackouts. After a few wall bumps I located a flashlight. Their apprehension did not abate. Eating in the dark. Getting ready for school in the dark. Waiting for mom to figure out how to manually lift the garage door without injury in the dark = NO FUN for them.  Still I had a little bounce in my step as I quietly hummed the lyrics to Massachusetts. I’m thinking it’s going to be a good day here at casa de Oberlies.

Oh, forgot to mention we had an amazing mini vacation last week.  Took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Canada for a few days. It was awesome. Great facility. Fantastic service. Perfect family environment. (I’d give the staff five stars). I’ll post a few pictures when I can find them 🙂

I have a long ‘to do’ list today. I’m getting a wee bit nervous because I have to come up with a new title and tagline for my contracted book. My original title “Starts with Goodbye” isn’t catchy enough.  Readers like ‘tropes’…and I’m struggling big time to come up with a ‘tropey’ title. I’ve had an offer of assistance from my husband which is sweet but not precisely productive since he’s a major goofball 🙂

Speaking of books, author Shannon Stacey has a post & picture up on her blog about an item she is donating to an auction.  It’s an amazing package that includes a Coach purse, a Kindle Fire, autographed copies of her books, etc.  Check it out:

Before I force myself to step away from the computer I have to ask if anyone watched Castle last night? They are so skilled at making a small gesture mean so much.  In this case I’m talking about the final scene where the lead characters hold hands. This is something they’ve done in a couple of episodes and it’s always powerful. No major drama. No prancing around half dressed. Just two people holding hands. Maybe it’s mushy but it works for me.


2 thoughts on “And the lights all went out….

  1. TERRY, you should have multiple, working, functional flashlights strategically placed every three to five feet throughout your encampment . Although you were his Little Darling, The Old Boy would’ve been a little disappointed ….

    • Good point, Gus. I did manage to locate two additional flashlights – one was an antique from the 1930’s and the other was on the end of a pen. The Old Boy would have cringed….

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