Giving credit where it is due…

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The other day I shared with y’all some of the frustration I was experiencing with DirecTV my satellite provider. Based on my phone and email interactions I finally received a phone call from their Office of the President. I won’t get into the nitty gritty, other than to say the entire organization could probably benefit from some Extraordinary Customer Relations training.  I was a certified trainer in numerous programs and they work well at altering the culture of an organization from the top down. However, yesterday I discovered the hidden gold at DirecTV  my satellite provider:

Two members of the service department, supervisor Jose Rivera and technician James Murphy, provided incredible technical service as well as customer service. They were friendly, knowledgable, empathetic and professional. Instead of taking an arrogant stance (which seems to be a rampant problem there) they were completely customer focused. Oh, and they solved the problem (which stemmed from the original installation setup).  So I’m sending out a huge thank you to Jose and James.

Now if I could figure out a way to only deal with those gentlemen in the future…


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