Deja eww…

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Confession #73

When it comes to home improvement I’m a slow learner. It’s sad because I’ve had plenty of experience (purchased 5 homes in the past 15 years). Instead of updating everything at once I spread it out. Two years ago I had the flooring in my lower kitchen/bar area completed. Last year I had porcelain title put down in my hallways, kitchen and guest bathroom. In January I had the shower in my master bathroom remodeled. This week I’m having the carpet replaced in five rooms.  UGH!  My house is in a state of perpetual upheaval. Almost all of the furniture on the main floor had to hauled out by movers today.  Tomorrow all the old carpet will be pulled up. Later in the week the new carpet will be installed. And finally on Friday the movers will come back to haul the furniture inside again.

At this very moment I’m sitting in my lower living room staring at heaps of accumulated junk. I’m trying to work on the manuscript I finished two weeks ago (proofing, attacking my synopsis which wasn’t cutting it) but I’m completely distracted. Our dwarf frogs keep giving me the evil eye. Moving is clearly outside of their comfort zone.

I think I need some chocolate. But right now I forget where I put my hidden stash of candy…

One thought on “Deja eww…

  1. TERRY, please don’t despair. I’m thinking that your current domestic upheaval is in so many ways symbolic and symptomatic of the general malaise of our country. If misery loves company, we’re truly all in this together …. Keep hope alive !

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