Monday Musings…

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Last week was disjointed, dysfunctional, yet oddly delightful at casa de Oberlies. I tend to stress when I have various contractors rolling in and out of the house. But the truth is…everyone was professional, lighthearted, patient, and sweet. And now I have new carpet. So yay!

Over the weekend I learned a valuable lesson. When faced with the task of decision making, it’s completely okay to defer to my children.

  • When I couldn’t decide whether to purchase a print I just asked my older son. He studied it for a few minutes and then gave me the thumbs up. It’s now hanging over the couch in my living room.

  • Likewise, bugged my younger son to help me decide whether this bird belonged in my office. He gave me one of his classic ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ smiles, followed by a ‘sure, why not’.

  • And then came the biggie. Our local ice cream shop re-opened last week, which meant we had to go at least twice. With a gazillion different flavors to choose from, I’m lost. To make it even more challenging they added three new flavors: Caribbean Cocoanut, Carrot Cake, and Root Beer Float. I survived and with the help of my boys was able to get a taste of all three (while still enjoying my all time favorite Watermelon Sherbet).

This week I plan on letting them look through my closet so they can determine whether I need to buy a new dress for an upcoming gala. The downside is I’ll have to hear their commentary on the dresses I already own.


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