A day early…


On the eve of St. Patrick’s Day I find myself slightly green…with envy. Last night I curled up with my Kindle and read a recent release from Entangled Publishing. Within the first chapter I started feeling covetous. Seriously covetous. The author had an amazing voice. Although I loved the story I couldn’t help comparing my skills to those of this writer. It was sad. Well adjusted industry peeps say don’t compare yourself to other authors. How is that possible? I’m thinking that Lady Gaga on occasion has compared herself to Madonna. And I’m guessing that Dr. Phil has thought about how his success compares to Dr. Oz. It’s human nature.  Maybe it’s okay to embrace your inner Kermit. It might not be easy being green but maybe it pushes you to try harder.

I think I’m going to pour myself a snifter of Bailey’s Irish Cream and bask in my mediocrity. Who knows it may inspire my creativity…or put me to sleep.


3 thoughts on “A day early…

  1. TERRY, your ears must be burning . Put down the Bailey’s you big baby and come join your brother, BONGO, and I for some BUSHMILL’S. Cheers !

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