Sad little shopper…

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Shopping for sneakers ranks near the bottom of my fabulous fun list. In fact I’ll hold on to sneakers for decades if it will keep me away from Ladies Foot Locker. Unfortunately I’ve been hanging out on my treadmill more frequently the past several months and my feet finally said, ‘no more’.

So yesterday I dragged the gang out on a mission to buy sneakers. Since my husband and our boys love sneakers (collectively they own enough to wear a different pair every day of the month) I asked for their assistance. Bad decision. Every time I found something non offensive in color and design they heckled me. ‘What are you seventy?’ ‘Ah, mom. Save those for when you’re in a nursing home’ ‘Don’t plan on walking next to me in those things.’ And so it went. After about forty-five minutes I caved. I sent each off to find the sneakers they would like me to wear. Guess what? They found the perfect pair for me in less than five minutes.

Reebok Your Flex Running Shoes

I’m sure there’s a lesson in that story but my take away is to keep these sneakers for as long as possible.

After we finished that portion of our shopping expedition I had planned on looking for a cocktail dress. But to be honest I lacked the desire. To save myself some time I took a shortcut this morning and ordered something online. Yes, this is not always a wise decision. There’s a strong chance I’ll return it the day after I get it. But for now I can check it off of my list.

I admit I purchased this dress based largely on the positive reviews. Several people said it hides all body flaws — can you say sold!!!! Hmm…I wonder what my boys would say if I wear my new sneakers with my new dress.


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