A favorite quote…


Maybe it’s seasonal. That block of time between winter and spring where too much seems to be in flux. Flowers have bloomed early but a blast of wintry cold temperatures threaten their growth. It’s been a challenging time.  Several people I know have experienced  significant losses. It’s hard to see that pain, knowing that you can offer support but you can’t heal them. Smaller disappointments, closer to home, have taken away the layer of levity we normally fall back on. Tomorrow or maybe the next day things will be back on track. Someone will share great news that will put a bounce back in our step. Until then I’m going to indulge in a few favorite snacks without guilt. I’m also going to skip the treadmill in favor of reading a new book. Hey, I think I feel the beginnings of a smile on my face.


5 thoughts on “A favorite quote…

  1. TERRy, finally some welcome news. Mr. KERSEY stopped by the Hill today – he got his job ! Let us all rejoice and cry out as one, ” Bring back corruption ” !

  2. Gus…may nepotism and corruption reign forever in the Greater Boston area 🙂

    Sending my heartiest congratulations to Mr. Kersey. Well done, sir. Well done!


  3. TERRy, here in the People’s Republic, we take very seriously and with great pride the practice of nepotism and corruption. Truly, it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure ….

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