Monday madness…

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It was a crazy busy weekend at casa de Oberlies. During a brief moment of inactivity I started to browse through some digital photos that have been on my computer for ages.  I came across the image above — which my  7-year old son apparently created on his own. OMG, I couldn’t stop laughing.

The highlight of the weekend? One of my writing buddies received some awesome news Friday night.  She is a finalist in the 2012 New England Reader’s Choice Bean Pot Award. Her story “Painted with Pleasure” is up for best novella.  Yay, Dena de Paulo!   This means a road trip to Salem, MA  at the end of April for me.  I want to be at the NEC RWA annual conference when they announce the winner!

On my own writing horizon?  Gulp.  Received my edits over the weekend. I wonder if all writers are struck with an initial wave of nausea when they open up the revision file from their editor. It always reminds me of how I felt sitting in Honors English class waiting to get a term paper back. The bonus now is that I have someone guiding me on how to improve (instead of getting a letter grade with no chance to try again). Honestly I feel like I hit the lottery…my editor at Entangled is the kind of professional that every writer dreams of having in their corner. Don’t be jealous 😉

Okay, time to start working on those edits.  Have a super Monday.  Meet back here soon.


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