Friday frenzy…


Blech…the weekend is almost here. Normally I’d be hooting and hollering because the kids are home all next week but instead I’m frazzled. I’m in the middle of edits. For me, revisions are the toughest part of the writing process. I labor over every change. Does it make sense? Will my editor shake her head and point me in the direction of a remedial writing course?

Don’t fret. I’ll survive. I have Easter candy and leftover birthday cake that will soothe my sorrows and pad my stomach. (My ‘baby’ turned eight yesterday. I’ll post a few more fun pictures below in honor of my little firecracker).

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If I don’t pop back here for a few days you’ll know it’s either because I’m ill from consuming too many marshmallow peeps or I’m locked in my editing cave 😉


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