Top 10 Thursday….

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Started thinking about all the things I want to do this weekend before I realized that both days are already crammed with obligatory activities. Long boring activities. If I had my way these are the top 10 things I would be doing after 5pm Friday:

  • Drag out the lawn tractor. I tried to start it up yesterday but it wouldn’t budge. We have about 3 acres of land (1.5 that require lawn maintenance) and it’s my favorite way to de-stress.
  • Sneak off with my husband to see the Broadway musical ‘Jersey Boys’. It’s only in my area for another week but we weren’t able to pinpoint a free night where we could attend.
  • Sort through 8 large boxes of books. These belong to my boys but most of them are no longer age appropriate.  I really want to donate them to our small town library.
  • Find a suit for my younger son. We’ve checked out two stores but I wasn’t crazy about the options. A black pin striped suit for an 8 yr. old doesn’t work for me. My little freckled face son looked a little like Al Capone when he tried on the jacket. Apparently plain navy or charcoal gray aren’t easy to find for young boys.
  • Bake an apple pie. I have a total craving for hot apple pie. For some odd reason I’m not a fan of the store/bakery pies in my area.
  • Whip up some mint juleps in preparation for next month’s Kentucky Derby.  I’ve never made them at home and I would love to get a perfect recipe for when I have guests visiting in May.
  • Barbecue. It’s spring and we really haven’t had a Saturday afternoon barbecue yet. Sadly, this weekend is destined to be a very wet one ;-(
  • Watch the Bruins and Red Sox win.  Umm…the fact that the Red Sox have been horrific makes this unlikely. Not even sure I’ll be home long enough to catch any games on television.
  • Curl up with my Kindle. I downloaded four new books last weekend and haven’t had a chance to read any of them yet.
  • Do nothing.

What are the top ten things you’d like to do this weekend?

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