Fun at Fenway…


Today they are partying at Fenway like it’s 1999 2012. The good people of Boston are whooping it up for the 100th anniversary of their beloved stadium. Me? Not so much. I’m not feeling particularly benevolent toward the Red Sox. Last season fans suffered through an ugly display of bad behavior. Players and owners acted without honor and without decency. In the end they publicly decimated one man – the only person close to being a victim of their childish antics. Today they asked that person to come back and participate in the celebration. When he declined, he was asked to reconsider by the commissioner of baseball. Strong arm tactics? You bet. Classy? No way. So today no hooting and hollering. Today I’m holding a grudge…


5 thoughts on “Fun at Fenway…

  1. TERRy, back in the day, I used to love FROLICKING over @ Fenway Park. Cold beer, beautiful gals, and baseball …. For a young man in ” The Bean ” during springtime, it doesn’t get much better than that !

  2. Fun @ Fenway ? How’d yesterday’s game grab you, TERRy ? Me thinks that the pink hats might be in for a long, hot summer …. TITO just might be the luckiest guy in baseball !

  3. TERRy, somewhere tonight old pal DAVE SHEA sits with a s**t eating smile, a big bag of Chinese, and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red. Go YOU, BRUINS !

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