A weekend away…


Heading out to San Francisco for the Labor Day weekend show…. Oops, that’s on my wish list but not where I’m actually traveling tomorrow.  No, this weekend I’ll be in Salem, MA for the New England Chapter of RWA Annual Conference. I’m excited and a little anxious. To be honest 99% of the time I travel with my husband and our boys. Although I know it will be a fun weekend, especially because I’ll be with two of my writing buddies, it’ll also be funky to be away for forty-eight hours. I can count on a couple of fingers the number of nights I’ve been away from them.

So, as I struggle to pack a neat suitcase I’m running through a mental list of what I want to accomplish on Friday and Saturday:

  • Unobtrusively follow Kristan Higgins and Marie Force around the conference. These two authors are auto buys for me, so it’s really hard not to act like a fan girl around them.
  • Meet some fellow Entangled authors.  I’m hoping to recognize names from the writing loops. It’s always fun to connect with people that write for the same publisher.
  • Sit down with one of the psychics for a reading.
  • Have a delicious, non nutritious, adult beverage.
  • See Salem Harbor at night. Although I grew up in Massachusetts, I haven’t been to Salem in years.
Hope you all have a great weekend!  Be back soon!

5 thoughts on “A weekend away…

    • Hey Gus! I’d almost forgotten how much I like the Salem area. It really has a lot of nice restaurants and fun touristy spots 😉 It was a fabulous weekend…although I was disappointed I didn’t have time to drop by the Acre and see all my peeps!


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