Big week ahead….

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This morning my older son sat across from me at breakfast and lamented how quickly the weekend passed. He was right. Although we tend to be busy every weekend, this one was truly non-stop. For me it was fabulous…

  • Friday afternoon I had some last minute work to push through with my editor at Entangled. It provided me with one of those delightful moments where I actually felt like an ‘author’. Deadlines + Chatting with my editor over the phone = Validation. Woot!
  • My husband insisted on buying me a new laptop. My desktop is an iMac which I love but my laptop was a Dell that I had been lugging around for several years. You know me — not a huge fan of upgrading anything. Fortunately my husband spent many patient hours with me at Best Buy walking me through a gazillion options. While he focused on performance, I focused on my ideal screen and keyboard configuration.  I ended up picking a Lenovo (which is the former IBM Thinkpad). After working on revisions for a different story Friday night I can already tell it was the perfect choice.
  • Had a lovely Mother’s Day with my family. My boys take after their father when it comes to gift giving. They go all out even when I tell them to just stick with a fabulous dessert, preferably chocolate. Even more fun was hanging out at their flag football game.
  • I started to prep for a family party next weekend. My younger son will make his First Communion on Saturday and we’ll have a celebratory bash that night.  I even strung colorful party lights across my front porch. My boys said they looked fabulous but that might have been to make me happy!
  • Put together an Amelia Bedelia project for my son’s second grade glass. This afternoon I’ll go in and we’ll write and illustrate a story together using idioms. Later I make copies of ‘their book’ that they can take home and keep.  This will be my second time doing this writing project and it’s really a lot of fun.
  • And, of course, y’all know what tomorrow is — my book release day.  I’m very excited and a wee bit nervous.  Check back here for updates and links.

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