First chance at ‘Second Chances’…

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“Oberlies expertly pens a moving tale of reunited lovers featuring complex characters who leap off the page.”

-NYT bestselling author, Lori Wilde

Say it with me — Yay!!! It’s official. My first release with Entangled Publishing is out.  This story is really close to my heart. I wrote it twice.  The first time I liked but didn’t love the finished product. It was heavier and I knew it would be a tough sell. So I started over. Same people. Different problems. Guess what? It was the right decision. My editor at Entangled, Alethea Spiridon Hopson, made it better. Much better. People sometimes say that their editor is great to work with — that doesn’t come close to expressing how I feel about Alethea. I pray I get to work with her again (and again) in the future.

If you love me, like me or want to get to know me better pick up a copy of my book.  For better or worse I’ve been told my ‘writing’ voice matches my personality to a tee. You can download a copy from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Will the past keep them apart…

High-powered attorney Luke Braden knows that perfection only comes once in a lifetime, and for him it came and went in the form of his college girlfriend, Brenna Morgan. Circumstances beyond his control separated them before, but now that she’s back in Boston, Luke won’t let her slip away again.

…or give them a second chance at love?

For Brenna Morgan, returning home is the very last thing she wants, especially when it means facing the man who once became her salvation—and then dumped her at the first sign of trouble. But Luke is determined to make up for his past mistakes, and Brenna finds herself weakening against him. A decade of deceit lies between them, and he’ll have to fight if he wants to keep his second chance at love.


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