Calling Alice Nelson…

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Today I woke up wishing I had Alice Nelson hanging out at my home.  You remember Alice – she did everything at casa de Brady.  She helped Mike and Carol with the kids (and there were six of them), she cooked, she cleaned and she brought home great meat because she dated Sam the butcher. I think she might have even chased Tiger when he ran away.

Tomorrow we are celebrating my younger son’s First Communion. Ya’ll know what that means?  Today I have to clean, cook, string party lights in the back yard, and make sure all formal attire is neatly pressed and ready to go.  The unfortunate thing is I’m not quite good at any of the above. So my stress is at an elevated level. I know it will be fun. Many of my family members will be visiting from Boston – which is always a treat. And the cake – oh, the cake will be delicious.  I spent oodles of time picking it out.

My son will be adorable. He decided weeks ago he wanted to wear a bow tie.  Although this is not the standard choice, I decided to let him have his way. If he stands still long enough I’ll take some cute photos that I’ll share here next week. Okay – time to get down and dirty with my vacuum cleaner.  Have a fabulous weekend. Hugs!


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