Reflective and restless…


Still coming down after a wonderful weekend. It was like a 48 hour party at casa de Oberlies. Of course, when it ended it was like someone stuck a pin in my balloon. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling unsettled. Last night I pulled out my latest copy of RWR (Romance Writers Report) and flipped through it.  Just when I was about to set it aside I stumbled across an interview with author Jane Porter. In the piece she talked about her image versus her reality. She mentioned some of the difficulties she’s faced in her career – rejections, poor reviews, etc.  It was a great reminder that feeling down at times is probably normal, expected even. I taped her interview onto a wall in my office. I want to be able to keep perspective when little or big things disappoint me with my writing.

Last time I mentioned feeling out of sorts on this blog a close friend received amazing news the next day. Maybe that will happen again. So, if the universe is listening I have a request — please sprinkle happy dust on someone close to me.  Thanks 😉

UPDATE: Dear Universe – please disregard my request for happy dust. In the hours immediately following this post things went to h*&%. I hereby want only those things the universe freely wants to bestow upon me – no special favors, please!


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