The holiday weekend is here…

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It amazes me how quickly the important things in life can reshape your perspective. Earlier this week I was plagued by small worries – my book, my shortcomings as a writer, my ineptness with social media, etc. I was antsy. I was eating all the high caloric food I could get my hands on. And I was awake half the night.

Then a close family member had a medical set back.  A big one. Suddenly I was in the intensive care unit waiting to see if surgery #1 (six hours in length), followed the next night by surgery #2 (4 hours) would help my mother in law walk again. Things were grim — words you never want to hear were spoken.  Hopes weren’t high. Then we got an unexpected gift at the very last minute. A tenacious surgeon tried a fifth time to do what had failed four times previously.  We went from utter despair to unspeakable relief.

This weekend we remember all the heroes past and present who have served in our nation’s military. We honor their bravery, generosity and devotion. I’ll also be quietly honoring the incredibly committed surgeons who went above and beyond to give my mother in law a new lease on life.

I wish you all a special weekend. See you back here next week.


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