Thursday things…

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My allergies kicked in this week.  My border collie decided he’s afraid to go outside this week. My visits to the hospital have been so plentiful this week that the parking garage attendant now knows my first name. On a positive note, this week I’ve dropped the 3 pounds that have been lingering on my thighs since Christmas.

To help ease my ‘holy good heavens’ I need Advil now mood, I’m treating myself to:

a great book

a tasty snack (which I thought I’d hate because I’m not a fan of Fig Newtons – at all)

and some upbeat music on my iPod

Must leave my house in 3 minutes or I’ll be late for my volunteer gig at the school library. We’re tackling inventory this week. I’m grabbing my large bottle of Advil just in case.  Stay cool my peeps. Be back soon.


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