Rumor has it…


Guess what? I received great news from Liz, the fairy godmother of Entangled Publishing, that foreign rights to my book Second Chances were sold to Greece last week.  Woot! Normally I tend to keep a low profile with family and friends when it comes to writing milestones but this time I was too damn happy.  I told everyone I came in contact with this weekend, including the young waiter that served me my celebratory drink Friday night. He wasn’t as impressed as he pretended to be 😉

If you haven’t made it over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble yet, here are some links to make it easier…

Amazon Link:

Barnes and Noble Link:

Hope you have a great Monday. The temperature is expected to hit 91 degrees here today. DOH! Makes me long for autumn. Just kidding!

4 thoughts on “Rumor has it…

  1. TERRy, with all of the bleak + unfortunate economic developments befalling Greece lately ….. Cheers to “Second Chances” !

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