Summer days…

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Today I feel hungover. My head is pounding. My eyes feel gritty. Mind you, this is NOT from alcohol.  The strongest drink in my system is Gatorade. Yesterday was the first official day of summer for my boys. The tradition here is that the entire school celebrates this very happy day together at a local amusement park.

Yesterday the temperature hovered at around 95 degrees. It was unbelievable…and I don’t mean that in a good way. I took every precaution. Doused them in sunscreen repeatedly. Drank water and lemonade every hour or so ($3.50 a bottle). By the time we left the park we all felt nauseous. My boys actually crashed on the couch at around 6pm.  I moved them to their beds at 10pm, where they slept straight through the night – no dinner, no snack, nada.

Some kids went home completely unaffected by the heat. Here at casa de Oberlies we’re still in recovery mode. My husband told me to curl up with a book and relax.  I told him my brain felt too squishy to concentrate (which shocked him because I usually drop everything, including him, for a chance to read).

I’m granting myself two more chore free hours, then I have to start preparing for the weekend.  What about you?  Anything fantastically fun on your horizon?


One thought on “Summer days…

  1. Whenever it’s just too hot to go outside + play, I love to stay inside + play this new game called ” Myopic Marge “. It’s wicked pissah !

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