Road trip….


Packing up the car for a quick trip to Boston & Cape Cod. Really looking forward to seeing family and celebrating my niece’s high school graduation.  Yay Katie!!! Close your eyes, picture me on the beach (fully clothed) whooping it up at a clambake – cause that’s what I’ll be doing on Saturday.

Hope you all enjoy a safe and happy weekend. See you back here next week 🙂


6 thoughts on “Road trip….

  1. TERRy, great seeing you + your crew down on Auld Cape Cawwwwwwwd ! Loved your new swim trunks. Really quite flattering …. Just wondering. Are they made from seer-sucker fabric ?

    • Last night I checked out home sale listings on lovely Cape Cod. Ahh…must keep the dream of a vacation spot there alive.

      Sadly I find myself allergic to wearing swimsuits and seer-sucker in public. Perhaps you are confusing me with someone else that has a penchant for wearing that fabric with a pair of pretty white shoes?

    • Not sure. But I think I know a fashionista that might be able to weigh in on that —- he might also tell us if seersucker and clogs are a hit or miss this season 🙂

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