Big Gulp….not the drink

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This picture is actually from 2009. My late mom purchased two cakes for my son’s birthday and the bakery spelled his name wrong on  the yellow one. We still laugh over it.

File this post under TIME FLIES: Big day here at casa de Oberlies. My eldest child celebrated his 10th birthday today (July 5th). The poor bambino had to listen to me recount, moment by moment, the 24 hours leading up to his birth. Despite the eye rolls I think he liked hearing about every little detail of that special day. After I dried my happy tears we spent much of the day doing whatever he wanted: mini golf, lunch at one of his favorite hamburger joints, a Monopoly marathon, two rounds of mini floor hockey, gifts, birthday cake and a strawberry shortcake ice cream roll. We’ll celebrate all over again when my husband is back in town this weekend. Right now I’m feeling like a stuffed quahog. Side note: I’ve been sick the past few days with a stomach virus, so indulging today was not wise. Not wise at all, my friends.

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