Staying cool….

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Youngest son wanted a special ‘look’ for camp. Hmmm…he looks different, that’s for sure.

Today’s mood: Cranky

It’s hot. Again. Right now I’m sitting in my office watching the thermometer soar. They predict it will hit 96 today. Ugh. I love my house but having 15 skylights magnifies the heat exponentially. No duct work means no central air conditioning. Although our lower level stays comfortably cool the main floor is just plain horrific. Hence we decided to bite the bullet and put in ductless air conditioning. Due to the layout and square footage of the house it’s going to require a heavy duty unit.  I’ve already warned my kids that they can expect Ramen noodles and peanut butter until further notice. I’ve also forewarned my husband that he can’t revert to his old habit or setting the air at 66 degrees. (Visitors at our last home always brought a sweater or sweatshirt because they knew they’d be chillin big time).

In theory this should be a very busy week. I have a lot of writing I need to focus on…but this takes a back seat to spending time with my boys.  See this is Cub Scout Camp week. My youngest is away for 3 days now with my husband. Then on Thursday my oldest heads off with my husband for camp.  Since our boys normally spend all of their time together being apart means no ‘built in’ playmate. Today I’ve already  been coaxed into playing basketball outside, badminton in my living room, and Go Fish on the deck. (I needed a little break so I asked if he wanted to help me pull weeds which resulted in him running off to play a video game).

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my icky, horrid, sticky temperature woes will be solved by Tuesday night when the installation job should be completed.

Darn…I hear footsteps.  Time to hide in the flower beds and pretend to pull weeds.  See ya later 🙂


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