Just another tricky day….


Summer…fishing at scout camp.

Transitioning from July to August always gives me a little jolt. One step closer to fall…one step closer to the school year. The past few weeks have been a jumble. Scrambling around with the kids while trying to FIX my work in progress. The start of the Olympics provided one more distraction that I didn’t need.  I’m a junkie when it comes to competitive sports. Although the television coverage has been questionable (too tired to rant here) I have been glued to my couch each evening until midnight. My younger son spent hours in the pool yesterday trying to mimic Phelps and Lochte. As I faithfully timed each ‘race’ I couldn’t help but smile as it reminded me of my own ‘cartwheel’ days when I wanted to be Nadia or Mary Lou.

This weekend we’re taking the kids to Great Wolf Lodge again.  In theory that means I need to get a lot done today and tomorrow. The truth is, I’d rather sit at the computer and write this blog post because…well, just because I’ve missed being here. Since my last post:

  • I spoke at a local writer’s group over the weekend (LCRW). Although I was frazzled with nerves I had a great time. As a former member of LCRW it was a real treat to see familiar faces as well as meet new members.
  • Crumbled at the news of Maeve Binchy’s passing. She stole my heart as a teenager with her funny, wrenching novels set in her native Ireland. “To Light a Penny Candle” and “Circle of Friends” are still two of my favorite all time books.
  • I lost home phone service last night during a thunderous storm.  Squee!  It’s still not working which makes me really happy. Only family and friends can reach me on my cell phone so this is a huge blessing. I actually called my phone carrier to see if it would be a long time until service is restored. Told them to take their TIME.
  • I’ve been on a reading marathon — plowing through books. Some great. Some spotty. Trying really hard not to download anything new until I get my own work done. I’m weak…so damn weak.

August 1st….still coming to terms with it.  Before I switch over to my laptop to work on my *$@# manuscript I want to send out happy birthday wishes to my sister in law Kelly. She gives me one good reason to smile on August 1st 🙂


6 thoughts on “Just another tricky day….

  1. We enjoyed your talk at LCRW, Rita! You made us laugh, you gave us a lot to think about, and you had us engrossed in your topic. You never once seemed nervous! Thank you so much for presenting such a great topic. I happen to be a pantser myself, and it was nice to hear from someone else who can’t outline on paper.

    • Thanks Kim! I really had fun….it made me miss the group a lot. LCRW has a really nice mix of members, with a whole lot of energy and talent. Hope to see you all again soon (maybe Bob Mayer’s conference).


  2. Hey Rita,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, I now have a kindle and reading Second Chances. Looking forward to your next “e” book.

    • Kelly-
      Yay on the Kindle! I hope you love it as much as I love mine. Thanks for picking up Second Chances…please don’t feel obligated to read it though 🙂

      Loved the pictures from your gathering Wednesday night on the Cape. It sounds like everyone had a great time. Miss you!


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