File under: Careful what you wish for…


The AC unit had to be centrally located. Ugh…no choice but the middle of my dining room.

It’s been a hot summer. Don’t say ‘duh, summer is supposed to be hot’. When we bought our current home 2 1/2 years ago, we did so with the knowledge that the lack of air conditioning was a significant drawback. But I couldn’t resist the space, land, and 15 skylights (which rock in the fall, winter, and spring). As I probably mentioned here a few weeks back – we bit the bullet and put in a ductless AC system. Now the house is cold. Uncomfortably cold. Yes, I’m always searching for something to complain about 🙂

My normal ‘writing spot’ is way too chilly.  I keep kicking up the temperature and adding layers but my fingers still rebel. I can’t type with gloves on. This I know because I’ve tried. My sympathetic spouse laughs when he sees me curled up on my bed, laptop in hand. He is madly in love with the air conditioner. Go figure.

One small mutant gene within me now longs for the arrival of fall (not the back to school part). I think I’m a better writer from September through April. The weather – particularly rain and snow – ground me. Yesterday, shh this is a secret,I started writing something different. Completely different tone, feel, POV, genre. I needed to. I have a completed rough draft of another story that I want to pass along to one of my critique partners for HELP. Until that’s polished and ready for submission I’m going to play around with this new manuscript. It might be horrid. Seriously bad. But I’m going to stick with it for at least a week or two. After that I should have a better sense of whether it deserves more attention.

I love rainy days. Today it’s drizzling. A nice break from the heat.

Today I’m having lunch with my ‘library ladies’. I’m trying to squeeze in some work before then because tonight I am treating myself to Jennifer L Armentrout’s latest Lux Novel ‘Onyx’ which releases today. The first novel in this series, Obsidian, is one of my favorite books of 2012. It’s really, really amazing. Can you tell I’m excited about getting my hands on Book Two?


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