Today I’m asking the universe…

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  • Am I the only one that hates to see political tweets on twitter? I’d rather not know who my favorite authors, editors, or agents support politically. With a 140 character limit it’s easy for such tweets to come across as biting. If you imply only a small radical faction of intellectually inferior individuals don’t see things your way…you might want to re-think that mindset. We don’t all agree and that’s okay. Having an opinion is great. Putting down others as a way to boost your cause, not so great.
  • Is it wrong to feign a headache because my children are begging me to take them to the tennis courts for the 800th night in a row? We play until it’s pitch dark and I’m bruised and battered. They’re young. I’m old. Not fair.
  • When will sitting in my office working on my current story not feel like torture? Lately it’s been painful to even produce 2 pages a day. I want my creativity back. NOW. PLEASE!
  • Why did I start tuning into USA Network last night instead of two months ago? Missed almost the entire season of Burn Notice and Suits other than the season finales. Grrrr.
  • Would it be wrong to order Chinese food tonight when my husband is on a healthy eating kick?  I’m willing to hide in my bedroom and eat alone. Or maybe I should sneak out on an urgent errand, grab takeout, and eat it in my car?
  • What book should I treat myself to this weekend? I’m fresh out of ideas. Help a chick out…

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