Summer days drifting away…


Days of anticipation + Nights of insomnia = First day back to school. We survived. The only one that truly stressed this morning was me. My eldest son – the worrier – told me to relax, everything would work itself out. After bidding my boys adieu I hid in the school library and rearranged book shelves. It relaxed me. Now I’m sipping my third cup of coffee thinking about the past few months. The small things we did this summer turned out to be the most fun:

  1. My boys taught me how to target shoot with a bow and arrow. This became a family sporting event in our front yard. Our neighbors, very wisely, stayed inside every time they saw the bow in my hands.
  2. Several nights each week we played tennis at a nearby recreation center. Normally we’re a football/baseball family so this was a departure for us. Playing doubles was a great way of sneaking in exercise – which, I’m not going to lie, my body needed.
  3. Discovered a brand new frozen yogurt shop near us.  For better or worse we stopped in on a regular basis (psst…we exercised first).
  4. Skipped swimming lessons this year and allowed the boys to just swim for fun several times a week. They actually enjoyed it more and became more proficient in the water.
  5. Discovered the USA network show ‘Suits’. Purchased the first two seasons on Apple TV and watched them together as a family. Since I held to my promise of not watching the RED SOX at all this season, we really needed something beyond network repeats. “Suits” was a perfect choice.

What about you? What were your favorite little things this summer?

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