A difficult goodbye…


Cape Cod – one of Teresa’s favorite places.

Have you ever had one of those days where a phone call changes a little bit of you forever? Today it happened to me. My godmother passed away. Years and geographical distance inevitably altered our relationship through the decades, but in my heart she stayed the same. Kooky. Indulgent. Opinionated. Caring. When my mother became ill back in 2009 my godmother Teresa stood with my siblings and me as we embraced those final months. She gathered with us for what would be my mother’s final Christmas. We shared laughter about the past and anxiety about the future. My mother needed her there – and so did we. A circle was closing.

Teresa had a long life and she lived large. She was a character in the absolute best sense of the word. I’ll miss her. Another circle closes with her passing. Today I’ll cry when I think of her. Tomorrow I’ll laugh and cry when I think of her.

I’d like to think she’s laughing now – maybe with my parents and Joe nearby.

Thank you Teresa for all the smiles you brought into my life. Miss you.


4 thoughts on “A difficult goodbye…

  1. TERRy, the wake and funeral this morning for our dear friend TCS were beautiful. Your flower arrangement from OLYMPIA was lovely ( MA would’ve approved ! ). Truly a nice send off …. You would have loved it – and more importantly, TERESA would have too ! Hugs, GUS

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