Life lessons…

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This has been quite a week. Early Monday morning I posted a message here regarding a phone call I received informing me of my godmother’s passing. During the course of that afternoon and evening I would learn of the deaths of two more amazing individuals – both in horrific accidents (one a longtime co-worker of my husband and the other a lifelong friend of my husband’s family).

That night my husband and I stayed on the phone for a long time (he was traveling out of state on business). We were in a state of shock. My head ached in a way that it never had before. That day – September 17th – was also the anniversary of my father’s death. Total emotional overload.

I prayed a lot that night. Losing family is devastating. Losing a loved one in a sudden manner can be even more heartbreaking. Today I stayed away from the phone – working in the school library and then hibernating in a corner of the public library. Reading and writing are still my best escapes from the real world.

It’s almost time for my kids to go to sleep. They’ll get extra hugs tonight. Extra words letting them know how much they are loved. I hope you do the same with your loved ones.


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