Catching my breath…


Bailey in the middle of playing hide and seek with his brother.

Sometimes I blog about how crazy life is at casa de Oberlies. Sometimes I even exaggerate. Lately it has been wild – some good, some bad, some just plain goofy. My guess is many of you are experiencing similar schedules. Things will slow down in the weeks ahead. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Here’s a quick peek at my week:

  • Writing – Juggling two works-in-progress right now. This is not ideal but I’ve given up choosing one over the other. One is a straight up contemporary. The other new adult told from first person POV.
  • Reading – Just downloaded the latest release from Sherry Thomas, Tempting the Bride. I love her voice.
  • Watching – Castle on my DVR. I fell asleep last night halfway through the episode. This never happens but I’m chocking it up to my brain simply being tired.
  • Listening – ‘Drive By’ by Train. This song is stuck in my head because it ties in very well to the contemporary romance I’m working on.
  • Learning – Trying to teach myself how to sew. Is that lame? I really regret not paying closer attention to my mom when I was growing up. Now I realize just how valuable a skill set sewing really is 🙂
  • Anticipating – The upcoming weekend. My boys have both Friday and Monday off. Woot!!! I love four day weekends.
  • Wishing – The local deer population wasn’t so vulnerable at this time of year. This morning drove by a deer who had been hit (I thought initially it was deceased). It broke my heart when he lifted his head off the road and looked down at his injured legs. Awful. Just awful. I might have cried just a little bit the rest of the way home.
  • Loving – Right now I’m totally captivated by the sound of rain pinging off my skylights. It’s dark and chilly – the best weather for writing.

How is your week shaping up?


3 thoughts on “Catching my breath…

  1. TERRy, would you be a doll and give my regards to Mr. BAILEY and his bro, Smelly SOCKS ? Tell them THE Uncle Gus was asking for them . After the Election, I’m gonna party with those two dudes like it’s 1999 !

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