That’s just wrong…

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It’s painful recovering from a four day weekend. It felt wrong dragging the kids out of bed at 6am.  You know what else doesn’t feel right?

  • Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman’s decision to separate after 30 years of marriage. I don’t expect much from the Hollywood crowd when it comes to relationships but these two…yeah, I’m feeling gobsmacked.
  • I know Amazon book ratings are all over the board but I picked up a novel with 30 plus five star ratings (along with a couple of 4 star ratings) and it was littered with mistakes. I’m pretty laid back when it comes to errors but this book was seriously flawed. The plot veered off course about half way through but not one reviewer mentioned  an iota of frustration. How does this happen? Is it me?
  • One of my friends is currently house hunting and all of a sudden I want to move. Again. I’m scouring local real estate sites searching for the perfect home. Ummm…but this cannot happen. Buying my sixth home is not in the cards. Seriously, just ask my husband.
  • Just because the temperatures are colder, I think it’s time to quadruple my caloric intake – build an added layer around the middle to keep me warm. Leftover Chinese food for breakfast yesterday. Hot apple crisp this morning. I’m already thinking about heating up pizza for lunch. Can you say, my caboose is loose enough?
  • I hid my husband’s favorite oversized wool blanket at the end of last winter and now I can’t find it. It’s scratchy, atrociously ugly and now missing in action. He’s sad and I’m feeling guilty. Fortunately I don’t feel bad enough to cave in when he tells me he wants to order a new one. I keep promising him that the old one will turn up.

Guess what? It’s almost lunch time. Off to find my leftover pepperoni pizza.


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