A chronic confession…


Lately my love for social media has been under a great deal of strain. I braced myself for this months ago because I knew it was unavoidable. It seems like everyone wants to express their political views on Twitter. I’m exaggerating, of course. Fortunately some of the individuals/groups that I follow appear to avoid the temptation of sounding off in 144 characters. Maybe they think it’s not enough space to express a thoughtful, reasonable opinion on topics that deserve more than a sound bite. Or maybe they believe that there is a strong chance they’ll offend followers (e.g. if you’re a professional writing group or publisher chances are followers don’t need to see biting commentary about a politician). Too often tweets belittle anyone that doesn’t share a particular point of view. In the past I’ve tried very hard to withhold judgement. I promised that I would still support authors and organizations regardless of their social media personalities. That’s rapidly changing. I don’t want or expect people to agree with my positions. You like Donald Duck and I like Mickey Mouse – it doesn’t matter. But if you live in a bubble where you don’t stop to think about the impact your words will have (or worse you don’t care if you come across as a bully) then I’m disappointed. You may think that you’re brilliant. You may not, however, automatically assume that I’m an idiot. Even if I agree with your opinions I’m not going to admire you. No, I’m going to save my respect for those that stick to what they do best. Funny anecdotes. Industry tips. Book recommendations. Craft suggestions. If I want a political pundit I’ll open the newspaper or turn on the television. Sharing every thought that pops into your head on Twitter is probably not the wisest strategy. People notice. People care. People remember.


2 thoughts on “A chronic confession…

  1. TERRy, in light of the above, the next few weeks could prove to be difficult. Rest assured that I will in no way think any less of you if you should seek to ” self – medicate ” ! Thank you.

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