What would you do?


I’ve got a tingly feeling going up my leg (sorry the political season always brings back memories of Chris Matthews from 2008)… the cause is all the brewing speculation over Hurricane Sandy. My husband and I are both weather junkies. Years ago we hatched a plan to track down Jim Cantore during his live hurricane coverage of a Category 3 storm off Longboat Key, FL. We lived about fifteen minutes away — which ultimately proved too far under the conditions.

The buildup to a storm was always exciting to me as a kid. My mom would prepare the hurricane lamps and my dad would check his collection of flashlights to make sure the batteries were still functioning. I think I worried most about adequate food supply (cookies, chips, soda — essential non perishables).

My husband’s employer often plays a critical role in storm cleanup all over the East Coast so he’s already on high alert. I started to think about what I would pack in the car if I needed to evacuate (btw – I’m nowhere near the path this storm is taking so this is merely a mental exercise).  Kristan Higgins posed this question on Twitter and I realized it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. If my kids, pets, husband, photo albums and purse with important documentation were already in the car I would grab:

  • My younger son’s favorite blanket which was given to him for safe keeping by my late mother.  It’s the item that he most closely associates with his grandmother and he’s very protective of it.
  • The urns containing my late dogs Guinness and Nova. They are tucked away in my china cabinet and I’d feel really bad if they were left behind.
  • A book containing all of my account passwords. This may sound silly but there are dozens of them and I’d go crazy without them.
  • A silver cross necklace and charm bracelet that my mother gave me years ago. These were pieces that meant a lot to my mother and I remember the feeling that came over me when she gifted them to me.

Now it’s your turn. What things would you take with you?

10 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. The external harddrive… which I will be backing up everything to it again this weekend.
    Snuggles, my daughter’s special lovely.
    And I’m with you on the account book. It would be dangerous without all those passwords.
    There is so many thing that I’m at a lost to pick just one. But these were the top three.

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