Sneaking in to say…hi!

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I’ve been scarce the past week. The truth is I tend to go underground during election weeks. Too much media (traditional and social) usually leaves me feeling distraught. I miss the days when debate was considered healthy – not sound bites but honest to goodness discussions. I’m trying to teach my kids who are still in elementary school how to engage in civil discourse. Of equal importance, I’m trying to teach them the role of responsible journalism – only the opinion/editorial pages should contain personal viewpoints.  If you read something on the front page it should be factual not slanted. When selecting a college years ago I turned down a spot at a highly regarded school of journalism because even back then the lines were becoming blurred. This trend isn’t healthy. It’s probably one reason why so many Americans distrust the media and why circulation numbers continue to decline. I grew up reading 3 newspapers every day (2 regional, 1 local) and now I can only stomach 1 national paper (although I do get the local to keep up with the obituaries). Oy…so depressing.

Anyhow, as I reflected on the past few days an old cartoon came to mind.  Remember Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown.  Each time she would promise not to pull it away at the last minute and each time Charlie Brown would trust her to keep that promise. We all know the result.  Poor Charlie ends up on his a**. As a country I believe we’ve reached a point where we get what we deserve. I live in a state with crippling taxes, declining business opportunities, and impending bankruptcy. People made promises. Some believed. Some were skeptical. Maybe we’ll land on our feet. Or maybe we’ll all end up like poor Charlie Brown.


One thought on “Sneaking in to say…hi!

  1. TERRy, as I ponder the election results from last week and struggle w/ what they mean for the future of our Republic, I’m reminded of the song “Silent Running” by Mike and The Mechanics. Why not head on over to youtube and check it out ….

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