Hello Monday…


imagesThis weekend I traveled with my family to Newport, RI for a family wedding. It was an event we had been looking forward to because it gave us an opportunity to visit with my husband’s extended family, along with my siblings in the Boston area. So many fun moments packed into a short twenty-four hour period.

Unfortunately, it was also a weekend that brought with it devastating news for someone we know. Happy tears and sad tears blended together for us on Saturday night. Both things were a reminder  to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. By nature I’m a quiet worrier. I tend to stress over things I cannot control or change.  My big picture can easily be obscured by little disappointments. Some days I’m a hypocrite. One minute I’m telling my son not to compare his progress in computer class with his friends and the next I’m guilty of the same transgression when it comes to my writing. These are little worries. They take away from what really matters. As the wedding reception was winding down on Saturday evening my oldest son looked at me with a lopsided grin on his face and said ‘you’re crazy’ (four plus hours of me dancing like a disco diva left a lasting impression).  That’s living….

3 thoughts on “Hello Monday…

  1. TERRy, though the totality of the quality time spent w/ your crew this weekend was fleeting, I will forever treasure those magic moments …. Special note of thanks and expression of gratitude for that wonderful breakfast on Saturday morning. Those (2) BAGELS from D.D.’z were absolutely yum-yum/ lish-lish ! Scrumptious ! No doubt THE BEST bagels I’ve ever had !

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