In 2013 I resolve….

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“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”


Actually I don’t plan on making any resolutions for 2013. I’m one of those individuals that achieves more when I don’t commit to a grand plan. In my head I know what I want in 2013. Will it happen? Not automatically. I need to adjust my action steps. My writing needs to become stronger. My approach more methodical. My resilience more sturdy. Maybe 369 days from now I’ll be breathing a sigh of relief. Maybe I’ll hit the success marker I both want and fear. Maybe I’ll be formulating new action steps for 2014 because my goals still elude me. That’s okay. That’s reality.

In 2012 I witnessed a lot of people suffering under the weight of tremendous personal loss. I’ve had those years – when all you think about is how you move forward. The truth is you just do it…step by step. That’s my plan for 2013. Take it step by step. Write a book that I love and hope that someone else loves it too. Love every minute with my family and friends because they’re the ones that give my life purpose. Embrace the setbacks with the hope that they’ll heighten my appreciation for every victory. Oh, and be cautious with those milestones that feel like a victory because sometimes they evolve into crushing disappointments. A powerful lesson I learned this year.

Ultimately, I’m really looking forward to 2013. It holds endless potential. Be excited. I certainly am 🙂


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