Things I shouldn’t do in 2013…


images-2New month. New year. Took my kids to the Y on Saturday for floor hockey and the parking lot was overflowing when usually it’s half empty. Minimally dressed people scampered around the gym talking about getting in shape. I’m guessing next week there will be fewer new faces (or at least a few more parking spaces available).

As I mentioned previously I’m not investing in New Year’s Resolutions. However, there are some things I hope to avoid in 2013…

  • No more unplanned paint surprises. Yesterday I had the urge to paint our lower living room. My husband rolled his eyes and reminded me that I painted it less than a year ago. (Sadly I picked a dull beige color that does nothing for the room or me).
  • No more critters/pets/dependents added to the family. My husband thinks we need to consider a basset hound in honor of our late pal Guinness . Our youngest son wants a high maintenance gecko.Coming on the heels of a weekend prison break at casa de Oberlies (30 crickets escaped yesterday when my son accidentally dropped their habitat)…I’m not on board. We’re at the point that we might already qualify as a small, independent animal shelter.
  • No more real estate listings. For three years I’ve been signed up to receive weekly email updates on available properties in Sarasota and Cape Cod. Can you say torture? I’m done. Sayonara day dream believer…
  • No more excuses for people who consistently display unprofessional behavior. I might not call it out publicly but I’ll probably think uncharitable thoughts in my head.

Hmm. My stomach’s starting to growl. Off to eat something fattening (no more frozen low fat entrees).


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