I shouldn’t make excuses but…

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images-2My computer hasn’t been crackalicious the past few weeks. Blogging and web hopping have become a hardcore headache. The problem isn’t my iMac (how could it be when Apple products rock). No, it’s been the wireless router. Casa de Oberlies has been suffering from a severe case of device overload. Too many laptops, desktops, iTouches running at the same time. Just when it was becoming unbearable Señor Spouse sprung into action and upgraded the router to Time Warner’s Speedy Gonzales package. Unfortunately the results haven’t been stellar. I’m actually locking up and hour glassing constantly. I’m not a patient woman so this has been a nerve buster. The kids and I are trying not to complain…we’re really good at giving unwanted feedback. Right now we’re in a holding pattern, hoping everything explodes so we can start over from scratch 🙂

In the meantime a quick update:

My writing has been awful. Seriously awful. Gag.

My reading has been promising. I’m drowning in books that I’ve picked up on Amazon.

The weather is getting really cold again. Brrr. Snow is coming, too.

A new car might be on my horizon. Again. I put a ton of miles on my hybrid in the past two years (about 60,000). If I don’t ditch it soon I won’t get anything on a trade-in. I test drove a half dozen cars/SUV’s yesterday. Guess what? I hated most of them. Now I’m seriously considering getting another Fusion Hybrid. The 2013 model drives like a dream and will give me about 47 miles to the gallon. It makes driving an old lady car almost worth it.

The casa de Oberlies zoo has been wild. My beagle/walker Bailey suffered a seizure Saturday night. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know that this is an ongoing health concern for him (which we monitor and medicate). The good news is he bounced back after about an hour, acting like nothing happened. Woot!  Zeus, our pampered bearded dragon, got an HGTV style makeover this week. His house is now rocking some new greenery and a sporty hammock. He asked if we could throw in a blender so he could mix up some margaritas on the weekends. That request is now pending…

Enough about me. Share some love and tell me what’s going on in your world.


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