Back from vacation…

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UnknownOne week each year I put everything on hold. My daily routine (which I stick to religiously) is tossed aside completely. It’s almost like a vacation…without the ocean and tropical drinks. Since last Saturday I’ve probably been on my computer twice, helping my kids research school projects. No Twitter. No Amazon. No blogging.

It was fabulous. The Scholastic Book Fair is like an elongated party. It began last Saturday with setup and decoration. Then from Sunday to Thursday it was sell, sell, sell.  And boy did we sell a lot this year. The book choices were amazing and the kids gobbled them up. This is our major library fundraiser, so we go all out to make sure it’s a success.

This year I split my time between working the register and helping kids/parents select books. I actually picked up a few middle school books that were new to me. (I like to be familiar with titles from all age groups so I can recommend them at the school library throughout the year). My favorite acquisition so far – Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper.

Today I’m back to the real world. Cleaning. Shopping. Floor hockey. Next week I hope to spend quality time with my laptop, which has been woefully neglected. I Need to Write. And I Want to Read. 



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