Spring is in the air…


Unknown-1I’m kidding, of course. Today despite the cold temperatures (27 degrees) I cracked open some windows in my living room. My kids are now on February break…and germs have taken hold of casa de Oberlies. I have a bottle of Lysol in one hand and spray bleach in the other. Whatever stomach bug my husband picked up…it’s kicking his butt. If it spreads to the kids I’m going to cry some serious tears.

Speaking of tears, we cried a few this week over the loss of Kermit (our trusty tree frog). His sudden passing on Wednesday took us by complete surprise. We held a brief prayer service, signed notes in Sharpie pen on his plastic coffin, and thanked him for the smiles he brought into our home. Since the ground is frozen we haven’t decided what to do with his remains. My youngest son  hasn’t been pleased with the options we’ve presented to him. Hence, Kermit is now enjoying the view from our back deck until permanent action can be taken.

On Thursday we celebrated my husband’s birthday, as well as my niece Katie’s birthday. VALENTINE babies!  It was definitely the highlight of the week – and I’m not saying that because of the cake and ice cream. Although that certainly might have been a small factor.

I squeezed a small amount of writing in on Friday…not what I had hoped to accomplish. Family obligations have been pulling me in many directions. I’d feel guilty if it was something I had control over but really it’s been unavoidable. If things don’t slow down I’ll probably start writing late at night again. It’s imperative that I up my productivity.

This evening we’re celebrating my husband’s birthday with his family (including his sister and nephew who live out of state). One important guest will be missing – my husband. The event is not being canceled or rescheduled so I’ll be taking the kids solo 😦 Don’t ask how I feel about this….

Time to spray some Lysol around. Be good, my friends.


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