Honey do this list…


Spring is almost here…which is freaking fantastic. I’m ready to turn that seasonal corner right about now. The onset of nicer weather has set off my DIY disorder. A few weeks back my husband tentatively asked if new kitchen cabinets were on my renovation wish list (we keep a mental list of what we would like to change if the budget opens up). Our house was built in the 1980’s so the cabinets aren’t exactly brand spanking new. Normally I’d start browsing the internet in search of potential upgrades but this time my pulse didn’t race with excitement. Instead I told my husband I wanted to touch up our cabinets…sand and stain them because some spots were pretty worn from excessive use. Since I’ve never done this in a prior house my husband was a little cautious and a little less enthusiastic about turning me loose in the kitchen. I did it anyway. And it was fun.



To be honest I was a little anxious when my husband came home last Thursday night. I can always tell by his facial expression what he really thinks (kind words can never mask his internal horror). But he was happy….so I was happy. So yay me on my inexpensive DIY project.

Oh, I should also mention the happy mood might have been due to the upgrades last week to his cave. Recently he was gifted with an oversized 3D television (blu-ray, dvr, surround sound, stereo system, hundreds of disks, etc). A high tech gadget hoarding relative was downsizing and needed to offload a tremendous amount of equipment. My husband and our two boys spent most of the weekend sprawled out in their ‘boy cave’. This gave us all a reason to smile.

IMG-20130311-00121Now I’m trying to pick the next thing I can attack around the house. ‘Tis the season, after all.



5 thoughts on “Honey do this list…

  1. TERRy, very, very nice ! Well done, girl. Here on The Hill, things aren’t exactly HG – TVish if you know what I mean. Any suggestions – and don’t be too cruel ?

    • Gus – I think you could have a blast touching up the kitchen and adding some color to the walls. Painting is my favorite way to spice up a room. Go hang out at Home Depot and get inspired 🙂

  2. Hey Rita,
    Looking clean and sharp, the cabinets turned out great and the counter tops sparkle! Love the boy cave, 3D sounds cool. Is there a karaoke machine in the future?

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